Our Sessions and Free Play

Our sessions are messy, fun, sensory based play! We understand that messy play at home isnt always possible but all children love it! At Sensory Adventure we have created a four stage class program to support your childs development at their pace! To find out what session your child will enjoy the most please read below!

As well as our classes we also offer parties too!

Tiny Discoverers

Our Tiny Discoverers haven't got their full mobility yet. They still very much enjoy laying or sitting, with or without support and love to explore the world with their mouths! Especially for our Tiny Discoverers we make sure that all of our doughs, slimes and paints are completely edible.Of course we aren't making them for their lunch! However, should your little one place hands in their mouths you can rest assured there are no nasty ingredients in anything they have touched. All of the malleable sensory play is of course optional, we have plenty of play in all sessions such as beautiful floating balloons and bubbles, music, pom poms and gorgeous light shows! These sessions are guaranteed to get your little ones senses going!

Micro Cruisers

Our Micro Cruisers are starting to get mobile! Some of our tables are raised to encourage standing and balance but we also have low level and floor surface play too! Malleable sensory play is very intriguing for our Micro Cruisers as they begin to mark make and recognize their own actions. Our themed play sessions are full of sensory opportunities and fun, we have our lights and games as well as our messy play and not forgetting our snacks!

Mini Adventurers

Our Mini Adventurers are confident to explore and love our themes based on books, films, seasons, countries and more. We begin to mix together ingredients and experiment as well as enjoying the games, getting messy and exploring.

Top Explorers

Our Top Explorers are our most confident and love to learn new skills. With that in mind, why not teach them how to make our best doughs, slimes and magic potions! Our top explorers still have all of the sensory based play from the other sessions but they have more control, making their own messy play experimenting with consistencies and learning along the way! We will have tables as well as floor trays and our games will involves some rules to help with listening. Of course our sessions wouldn't be complete without our lights, bubbles and themes! We encourage our top explorers to take part in our mini challenges too! 

Terms and Conditions


All children remain the responsibility of the parent or carer attending the classes with them at ALL TIMES. Sensory Adventure accepts no responsibility for any accidents caused by misuse of equipment or in the unlikely event of any injuries. We take safety very seriously and we have carefully planned sessions to accommodate children however you must use your discretion when allowing children to play. Only you will know what your child is ready for. Please advise of any allergies.

No hot drinks are permitted in the play hall

 Pay as you go sessions must be used on the date specified. No alternatives or exchanges can be given unless prior agreement is made.

Block booked classes can be re-arranged due to illness or prior arrangements if notice is given before the session starts.


Our online learning journal Tapestry is only available for block booked classes. Each child will be given a unique tapestry account which can only be accessed by Sensory Adventure and the authorised Parent or Carer. A user name and password protects the account. Tapestry is optional. The photos taken during classes are for the sole purpose of Tapestry and will never be used for any other purpose, passed to a third party or sold.


At Sensory Adventure we prefer to use entirely edible ingredients for our messy play. However we do sometimes use non edible ingredients that are completely non-toxic instead. You will find these more commonly in our Top Explorers sessions. Although everything is either edible or non-toxic we would not recommend you encourage eating APART from at our tasting table! A little taste is ok! Our playdoughs for example is full of salt, not very nice!

Be aware of the signs and what your child is playing with.