Before becoming a mum to our two boys I trained as an NVQ Assessor and Adult Education Trainer. Tailoring learning to each individual student to best suit their learning style was something I had a passion for. Anyone can learn, its HOW you are taught not WHAT you are taught!

My Eldest son was born with additonal needs. He has heightened senses and becomes very overwhelmed easily. Sensory based play was offered to us as therapy to help him overcome his anxieties. Touching and exploring different textures was something he found so distressing he would heave at the sight of soup! The therapy sessions were six short weeks provided by the NHS and those 6 weeks helped hugely with his development. So much so that I began making messy play a regular thing in our house. Our boys started to love getting messy! It was then that I realised just how imporant sensory based learning really is, the opportunites are endless and Sensory Adventure was born!

Why I chose NOT to group our children in to ages for classes....

As a mum I've heard milestones mentioned so many times I've lost count. Of course we all want our children to achieve, its only natural! BUT, milestones shouldn't be marked by comparison to other children. Achievements is a much nicer and more accurate way to describe everything your little one does so we celebrate achievements at Sensory Adventure, not "milestones". I have two sons, both have achieved different things at different stages and that's perfectly acceptable!

So, if you feel your 3 year old would be better suited to sessions with only edible ingredients and they still like to explore with their mouth then great! Sign them up to our Micro Cruisers and let them explore with edible paints and play dohs! Allow your little ones to lead you on their learning journey. You'll find all ages in all classes!


Tapestry is our online learning journal. The reason I decided to offer Tapestry to all of our enrolled children was exactly because of achievements! We are using Tapestry to build your very own beautiful journal with pictures and descriptions showing your child's journey that you can keep forever! All those amazing achievements your child makes will be captured! Tapestry will be free and each week I will upload photos and descriptions and record your little ones successes, believe me there will be many! Of course Tapestry is optional so if you wouldn't like an account please just let me know and we will ensure your little ones aren't enrolled. We want to celebrate everything your little ones do! Tapestry is a secure online journal used by many pre-school settings and whilst this is completely optional I hope you will take advantage of such a lovely way to record the fun your child has with us. As well as session photos, you as a parent or carer have the opportunity to upload your own photos from home. Id love to see your little ones getting messy and exploring at home so please share them!


My son attended a Dinosaur Themed Party for his friend by Sensory Adventure and he had such an amazing time! He didnt stop talking about the giant T-Rex the play doh and the Dino Dig for fossilised bones! He really wants his own party now!

Deana S, Sunbury-on-Thames



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